From Glass Ceilings To Open Skies


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I finally got round to putting together a collection of speeches that I have delivered over the years, both locally and internationally, which then were assembled into a book by Creative eve Publishers. My aim is for them to act as an inspiration to women, both young and old; helping them to be successful in what is still too often a man’s world. The topics I address include women’s economic empowerment, leadership, and generally the opportunities and challenges we women are confronted with as we strive to better our lot and confirm that, as Mao Tse Tung so rightly observed, ‘women hold up half the sky’. It is with this in mind, that I will share how things have been in the past and how they are now, together with a prediction of what can be in future – if we shed our feelings of inadequacy and just be ourselves, showing parents that it will have been worth sending us to school alongside our brothers. I dearly want this book to act as a testimony that indeed we are as good as anyone and that we too can lead, we can perform, we can conquer. My team and I, then decided that we would like a few outstanding women to share their personal journeys in the book. To share their experiences in ways that will illustrate and strengthen my presentations, inspiring our young women to feel confident that they can emulate them, see them as their role models, and reach where they have reached, despite the odds that are still stacked against many women in this 21st century of ours.
The bullets below suggest possible topics, without making them feel constrained by what follows.
• Me as an entrepreneur &/or a professional
• Opportunities I have exploited… and challenges I have faced
• The role of mentors in my life – who were they and how they helped me
• Advice for the current generation, both men and women
• My thoughts on whether Kenya is ready for a woman president, and if not why not, relating to cultural habits and beliefs?
Hence the book came to be. I do hope it inspires and motivates you all as you read it and pass it on along to others.


Evelyn Karungari Mungai




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